Sunday, June 05, 2005

An important word "Reality Check"

I heard an interesting word a few days back from my closest friend, which, coincidentally, is same as the one mentioned in quotes in the title of this blog. What is a reality check? This word may not sound so important for a common man but when it comes to certain important situations in life like the one I am facing these days, about doing an MBA, it becomes really important to know what this magical word means.

"Reality Check" is a technique that helps you to become aware of the true state of affairs in a particular experience. Now how the hell does this relate to the situation of doing an MBA? It surely does, because I need to do a reality check before I go for "IT". Why an MBA? Which field? If you know the field, why are you interested in the same? I pondered on the same. I put to use some precious cells of the grey matter from my priceless brain.

MBA is a must!!! If you want to climb the ladder sooner than later, if you want to make big money, if you want to have an edge above others in decision making, you need to have an MBA. If you think you are interested in a specific field and would want to pursue your MBA in that field, find out if you really know about that field. The more you think you know about it, the lesser you ACTUALLY know about it. I know I want to be in the same industry in a company at a position where I would be the one making decisions towards the betterment of all involved in the company's turnover. I have definitely figured that out. Have you figured that out? If you think you need to change your field by doing an MBA, how much do you actually think you know about that new field? Find it out. Make sure you are aware, because in most cases we are complacent about this. We consider ourselves "Mr. I know everything". Attempting to get into a B-School, being over confident about your own profile, is definitely not something we should be heading towards.

So first do a "reality check" and figure out for yourself. I have done it, have you??


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not much of juice for me in this post....same old 'reality check'; 'real introspection' etc. Words to make u feel that this is a real eye opening process. Though what i feel is that its all about selling yourself..even u talk about a feild matching with ur profile to get in; to score some brownie points and then turn totally different after getting in! So basically to me it looks a 'GAME' which needed to be played smartly! Thats it!!

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Blogger Creative-nits said...

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