Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Flummoxing Denial

Hmm... This has been a tough one!!.. I have been rejected for the IIMA PGPX course!! WHY?? Because I am DEPENDENT by Virtue of Youth.. UNDERAGE!!.. :) That was just a statement from the dictionary. It seems I fall short of 6 months for the course. I am amazed on how much extertise would anyone add to the course with just half a year of extra work or study experience!! Especially if the person has spent most of his "illustrious" career abroad raking money for his "beloved" employer. Anyways... this was just an irritated animal smitten by a wasp from the hive of extra exeprience and not a frustrated wasp kicked out of his own hive!! So I have not lost heart instead more motivated to make to ISB as my blog name itself suggests... THE ISB BUFF... YES I AM ONE!!

With the app process kicked off for my beloved school, I am all excited about my attempt this time. Have loads and loads to prove my point that I am suitable for the school and how I can contribute towards its school of thoughts!! Just a month or two away from submitting my application and then will start the wait for the interview call. And yes, I am going to receive a call and MARK MY WORDS, I will also be converting it this time for sure... :). This year I will make sure that I work towards the dreams that I have for myself and some of my dear ones!!.. :)


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