Friday, August 18, 2006


These days ISB is humming to the tunes of the Intersection rivalry in the game of Basketball. Its been a long time we had an inter-section tournament. Its much more fun when its a section thing. In games like badminton where you dont have a team playing together, it draws much lesser number of spectators but when it comes to a section tourney.. you find the whole section there to cheer the team.. and then there is a deluge the section slogans.. with everyone shouting their guts out to frustrate the opponent camp.. :)

Basket ball tourney started today and is going to go on for another 5 days. Its going to totally fun packed... and that too when there is added spice of submitting assignments each of those days.. its more exciting.. ;) Our section (B - Blazers) won their match against Section F pretty comfortably.. though both teams had possession of the ball for almost same amount of time, our forwards getting the basket most of the time.. and with the guards blocking the opponent forward's shots quite amazingly.. it was a complete team effort with our section winning by a margin of 22 points (40-18).

Our team for the match we played: Saurabh Kaura, Sameer Gujral (Captain), Ming Hsung Lee, Rehan Habeeb, Murali Reddy, Siddharth Lulla, Sreeja Iyer, Oshiya Ved, Mahesh Shenoy, Naresh M

Tomorrow we would be playing section C, who call themselves as "Pirates". Blazers are going to set the Pirates ship ablaze. Further updates on the tourney will be available at this very place pretty soon.. keep watching.. :)


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