Monday, August 07, 2006


Some posts ago, I had promised that I would write about an interesting course. We here have a course by the name "Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture". It’s more of hands on than a classroom course. We have to form groups of 2-3, then bring up an idea and start working towards it. This would involve most of the course that we have been taught till now. We would have to do a market analysis for the segment we are targeting and then draw some figures from it to show the idea's viability. Sounds like fun.. :)

I have already formed a group of 3 and we have started the ideation process. The brainstorming sessions during this phase are interesting. Everyone trying to pool in and with the sort of support we have here at ISB, it makes you feel comfortable to venture out in to ideas which look weird otherwise.. :) Stalwarts being there to help and then with their guidance, we would end up with a business plan which would be presented to our peers and then evaluators. And if everyone finds it good enough and if we are really keen on making it our baby, we can hit the investors (VCs or Angels) as well. With all this happening, I am raring for the term break... Ah ah.. Its not because I would get a rest or something, but I would get time to work on this course without a class schedule to worry about or any assignments running down my spine.. :) Doing research and collating information should be a treat!!..


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