Thursday, January 19, 2006


Iron Man!! Thats what I could call this guy. Dr Bala V Balachandran. I had just heard that he was one of the founders for ISB but never tried to look beyond that image. Read his interview on Pagalguy and mannn was I zonked!!??.. Yes I was. Dreams!! Its all about dreams, how you realize it, how much pains you take to make it true. Going beyond a certain humane limit to
achieve your goal in life is something I would want to take home after reading this interview. GLIM - Great Lakes Institute of Management. This is a baby that Dr. Bala is nurturing right now. After 32 years of teaching experience at one of the IVY league schools in the US (Kelloggs), after setting up the flagship programme in MDI, after helping in co-finding ISB, this is his own dream he is realizing right now. Getting world class faculty to come there and teach for FREE (as of now)?? I mean thats something beyond my imagination. That shows the kind of credibility Dr. Bala shares in the business world. How do you think it would feel to be taught by Nobel Prize winners? Yes thats the kind of faculty Dr. Bala is trying to get to GLIM (has already got one during its first year).Its not GLIM that has got me awestruck but its the larger than life image of Dr. Bala. The kind of money he might be splurging to get GLIM to his dream level is something that baffles me. The kind of dedication that he is showing to make it a world class B-school is something that amazes me. The kind of image he has established (rather earned) for himself in the business fraternity is something that flummoxes me. Its just an amazingly inspiring effort
from Dr. Bala to get India on to the business map of the world.

If I am able to somehow even make a contribution to my beloved country which is equivalent to even 10% of what Dr. Bala has done (and is doing), I would consider myself GREAT!!.. :)


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