Friday, August 18, 2006

Running for the baton

I am almost there.. yes... one more week and one more term would be down!! 5 more pins to go and I would have a strike.. :) This term that would be my past pretty soon.. should be one of the most tiring terms I believe.. with assignments day in and day out.. with exams running at us at a speed that I didnt even realize when it hit me. But it was fun.. more details will come on it after the term has actually ended.

Also with respect to the content of this term, we had a whole of speakers series by all the clubs and it was good to watchs these people who have touched the sky and know how it feels to do so. The hard way of course.. :)

We had Sameer Chandra (Chief of Staff for Sanjay Nayar) from Citigroup talking about "Career Options in Banking". Then we had Sanjeev Bikhchandani ( CEO) telling us about how he went about his entrepreneurial life. We also had one of the most influential person, Vikram Akula (CEO - SKS Microfinance) speaking on the topic "Microfinance and its effects on rural india". Shishir Priyadarshi came down to talk about the WTO and related topics. With his experience at working with the WTO in Geneva, he was able to give us a picture of some of the latest macro economies from present and latest past. We also had an interactive session with Ms Vani Kola who is considered the B2B queen. She found the companies, RightWorks and NthOrbit. The list goes on and on and on ... :) These were only a few of those amazing mind boggling speakers who had come down in this term..

I am sure there would be a lot more to look forward to as there is no dearth of greatness on this planet and its no harm in listening to people to find out on how to achieve that greatness. Who knows, one day I might be one of those giving guest lectures in BSchools... ;)


Blogger Swati said...

Went through some of your blogs today and feels like we are in touch again.. Wish you all the best and take care

8:31 PM  
Blogger Mahesh Shenoy said...

Yeah.. we are.. :) Orkut.. Blogger.. these are the meeting places for this generation.. :)

2:49 AM  

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