Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogs Blogs and more Blogs

Now you might wonder whats the big deal with this weird title.. :) Hmm let me explain. One Babu Moshai initiated a discussion on blogs on our very own famous ISB groups and everyone started sharing their own blogs. Ufff.. I hope that was not confusing.. :) If yes, I cant help it. I dont think I am going to go back and delete it. :)

Unfortunately, few people now know I write some stupid blogs, so I think they have the right (do they?) to know why I do so. When you have the passion to "type", to be humorous and if you have enough written skills, I think you can write blogs to either make other people laugh or may be to vent out your own frustration. Thats my reason to write blogs. Not that I write many but yes I do write a few. Does that reason sound stupid? Hmmm.. heard from many that it is stupid.. :) But the main thing is "DO I CARE?"... Naaaaaaaa.. :)

Enough of balderdash; coming to the main activity of my life these days. Keep logged on to Yahoo Mail!. You ask "Why?".

ANS: ISB can send an admit mail anytime mannn.. :)

As I mentioned to Sabya, so many people have been wishing for me to get into ISB that I dont think ISB will be able to do without me "this" time (yeahhh the word "this" is important. People who know I am a reapplicant can know that well..:)..). Also so many people think that I will be able to convert the waitlist. That has somehow made me confident and also made me stall my back up plans for some time. I hope I have to keep them stalled.. :)

People say "Patience is the key to success.", so I am patiently waiting for success!!.. :)


Blogger Wundergal said...

Hey Mahesh,
keep ur fingers crossed. I like ur optimism and confidence- great going!! I sincerely wish u will make it to ISB and be my classmate, GOOD LUCK !!!


8:40 AM  
Blogger Mahesh Shenoy said...

Thanks Soumya!! I need that!! :)

9:59 PM  

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