Monday, August 21, 2006

Too many things..

... should have I got into it? I mean I hear people around saying I got an ELP (experiential learning programme) and I hear people saying I have an idea which I will use for the PAEV (Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture) course. Sometimes I hear the same person saying both. Am I at a loss? Am I just idling my time away? I hope not.. :)

I would rather do what I like and to the extent I can do it best. I am going to work just on PAEV and make sure I win one Business Plan contest. I love sports and I am sure I wont be able to do away with that part of life even here at ISB. So that stays for sure. Just as we say casually in Hindi -

"Padhai karke kiska bhala hua hai"

I would concentrate on studies to an extent I would not start hating it.. or else I think I would go mad.. and that would not solve the purpose.. dont you think so? :) So my agenda... from now on.. PAEV, Sports & Gym and Studies.. period!! Come on.. GET BACK TO WORK!!.. :)



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