Sunday, June 05, 2005

An important word "Reality Check"

I heard an interesting word a few days back from my closest friend, which, coincidentally, is same as the one mentioned in quotes in the title of this blog. What is a reality check? This word may not sound so important for a common man but when it comes to certain important situations in life like the one I am facing these days, about doing an MBA, it becomes really important to know what this magical word means.

"Reality Check" is a technique that helps you to become aware of the true state of affairs in a particular experience. Now how the hell does this relate to the situation of doing an MBA? It surely does, because I need to do a reality check before I go for "IT". Why an MBA? Which field? If you know the field, why are you interested in the same? I pondered on the same. I put to use some precious cells of the grey matter from my priceless brain.

MBA is a must!!! If you want to climb the ladder sooner than later, if you want to make big money, if you want to have an edge above others in decision making, you need to have an MBA. If you think you are interested in a specific field and would want to pursue your MBA in that field, find out if you really know about that field. The more you think you know about it, the lesser you ACTUALLY know about it. I know I want to be in the same industry in a company at a position where I would be the one making decisions towards the betterment of all involved in the company's turnover. I have definitely figured that out. Have you figured that out? If you think you need to change your field by doing an MBA, how much do you actually think you know about that new field? Find it out. Make sure you are aware, because in most cases we are complacent about this. We consider ourselves "Mr. I know everything". Attempting to get into a B-School, being over confident about your own profile, is definitely not something we should be heading towards.

So first do a "reality check" and figure out for yourself. I have done it, have you??

Friday, June 03, 2005

A "Spurring" start

Hmmm.. This is my first blog.. took some time to think about the title for it.. Now can anyone guess the reason for this title? Ok.. let me tell about it myself. First of all, I am currently in the land of Uncle Sam and people here are crazy about a game they call Basketball and believe it or not, they have got me involved as well. Even I have become a huge fan about this original Amru game, never played myself though. Spurs have reached the NBA finals and they have been my favourites with players like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen.. And the other reason for me starting to write a blog?? I have a dream of getting into ISB and screwing my a** off for a year.. am pretty much desperate about the same and I am going to realize this dream pretty soon. Any prerequisites before even touching the ISB app? Writing skills, my dear!! And so this blog.. :)

Last year same time I had started thinking about going for an MBA and gave my GMAT with just ISB in mind. As I inched towards taking a plunge, I influenced some important people in my life to pursue the same and can you imagine whats the current scenario like? All of them have made it to ISB and I am sitting here writing this blog. I hope this statement of mine does not make everyone feel that I am resenting the same.. I am not. Infact it gave me some more time to work on my profile, to make sure that I dont leave any stone unturned this time on my road to make it to ISB. This one year would definitely make me have an edge over others when I get out of this nonpareil institute.

One year to work upon yourself is more than enough. Dont you think so?? Do you feel that you have started off with some amount of motivation but now seem to be dragging yourself along and loosing your focus as well? Well then this means you are still not sure of what you want to achieve, why you want to do an MBA? Well here when I say "Why you want to do an MBA?", dont start thinking in terms of the interview that you will be facing some months down the lane, across the table with some very elite members from the ISB interview panel. The answer for this question should be your own and should be the "ACTUAL" reason you want to do an MBA. The reason may be anything like you want to be the most highly educated guy in a cult you belong to or may be you want to hoard pieces of paper we call "Money" or may be you want to fulfill someone else's dream who is very close to you and you just want to achieve it to make that person happy.. It can be any damn reason but strong enough to keep you motivated.. and the reason in most cases end up with a cliched statement which reads "MY CURRENT JOB SUCKS!!". Well well well!! Isnt it very true?? Even that should be a good enough reason to go for a change?? Many people might suggest a change of job but what the heck?? If you look into your kitty, you dont have a s*** to show to the company where you will be interviewed on some alien language which you would never have heard of. So its better to grab as much as you can from your current job, work on yourself, shut your eyes and take the "PLUNGE"!!

So any guesses where I am headed these days?? I dont think this is a Million $ question.. so no prizes for guessing. Till the end of last month, I was waist deep, now I can almost smell the water, so it wont be long when I would have already taken the plunge and believe me, this time it will be for "GOOD"!!!