Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Term 3 Ends!!

I thought life in Bombay was fast but now after 3 terms at ISB, there is no denying that time and life does not fly faster than this. It seems as if it was just a week back when I was still trying to fathom where I am and how I reached here.

The orientation week where we had the alums telling us all about it, their experience, the section wars and the batch strength. They had all events lined up for preparing us for the months ahead. Then came the terms, one by one and now after 3 terms, I think I have gained something.. not just in terms of knowledge but also in terms of life long friends.. a good network of people... Wait a bit.. what the heck? Am I behaving like my stint at ISB is over? Naa... not at all.. 5 more terms to go.. reality strikes and this time it struck a bit too soon.. :( :) : ...

Tonight is going to be a party night... Tomorrow morning on a flight to Bombay... Tomorrow afternoon, I will meet my dearest bhanji after over 3 months.. Saturday morning, I would miss the cricket match that would be played by ISB in the corporate cup.... Sunday morning I would back, and ready to play for the next match of the same tourney that afternoon.. Sunday evening, will sulk thinking that term 4 is going to start... :)

Anyways.. thats how life is at ISB.. fun with spice.. ;) Catch ya all during the term break with the details of the same.. :) Adios Amigos..:)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Too many things..

... should have I got into it? I mean I hear people around saying I got an ELP (experiential learning programme) and I hear people saying I have an idea which I will use for the PAEV (Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture) course. Sometimes I hear the same person saying both. Am I at a loss? Am I just idling my time away? I hope not.. :)

I would rather do what I like and to the extent I can do it best. I am going to work just on PAEV and make sure I win one Business Plan contest. I love sports and I am sure I wont be able to do away with that part of life even here at ISB. So that stays for sure. Just as we say casually in Hindi -

"Padhai karke kiska bhala hua hai"

I would concentrate on studies to an extent I would not start hating it.. or else I think I would go mad.. and that would not solve the purpose.. dont you think so? :) So my agenda... from now on.. PAEV, Sports & Gym and Studies.. period!! Come on.. GET BACK TO WORK!!.. :)


Friday, August 18, 2006

Running for the baton

I am almost there.. yes... one more week and one more term would be down!! 5 more pins to go and I would have a strike.. :) This term that would be my past pretty soon.. should be one of the most tiring terms I believe.. with assignments day in and day out.. with exams running at us at a speed that I didnt even realize when it hit me. But it was fun.. more details will come on it after the term has actually ended.

Also with respect to the content of this term, we had a whole of speakers series by all the clubs and it was good to watchs these people who have touched the sky and know how it feels to do so. The hard way of course.. :)

We had Sameer Chandra (Chief of Staff for Sanjay Nayar) from Citigroup talking about "Career Options in Banking". Then we had Sanjeev Bikhchandani (Naukri.com CEO) telling us about how he went about his entrepreneurial life. We also had one of the most influential person, Vikram Akula (CEO - SKS Microfinance) speaking on the topic "Microfinance and its effects on rural india". Shishir Priyadarshi came down to talk about the WTO and related topics. With his experience at working with the WTO in Geneva, he was able to give us a picture of some of the latest macro economies from present and latest past. We also had an interactive session with Ms Vani Kola who is considered the B2B queen. She found the companies, RightWorks and NthOrbit. The list goes on and on and on ... :) These were only a few of those amazing mind boggling speakers who had come down in this term..

I am sure there would be a lot more to look forward to as there is no dearth of greatness on this planet and its no harm in listening to people to find out on how to achieve that greatness. Who knows, one day I might be one of those giving guest lectures in BSchools... ;)


These days ISB is humming to the tunes of the Intersection rivalry in the game of Basketball. Its been a long time we had an inter-section tournament. Its much more fun when its a section thing. In games like badminton where you dont have a team playing together, it draws much lesser number of spectators but when it comes to a section tourney.. you find the whole section there to cheer the team.. and then there is a deluge the section slogans.. with everyone shouting their guts out to frustrate the opponent camp.. :)

Basket ball tourney started today and is going to go on for another 5 days. Its going to totally fun packed... and that too when there is added spice of submitting assignments each of those days.. its more exciting.. ;) Our section (B - Blazers) won their match against Section F pretty comfortably.. though both teams had possession of the ball for almost same amount of time, our forwards getting the basket most of the time.. and with the guards blocking the opponent forward's shots quite amazingly.. it was a complete team effort with our section winning by a margin of 22 points (40-18).

Our team for the match we played: Saurabh Kaura, Sameer Gujral (Captain), Ming Hsung Lee, Rehan Habeeb, Murali Reddy, Siddharth Lulla, Sreeja Iyer, Oshiya Ved, Mahesh Shenoy, Naresh M

Tomorrow we would be playing section C, who call themselves as "Pirates". Blazers are going to set the Pirates ship ablaze. Further updates on the tourney will be available at this very place pretty soon.. keep watching.. :)

Monday, August 07, 2006


Some posts ago, I had promised that I would write about an interesting course. We here have a course by the name "Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture". It’s more of hands on than a classroom course. We have to form groups of 2-3, then bring up an idea and start working towards it. This would involve most of the course that we have been taught till now. We would have to do a market analysis for the segment we are targeting and then draw some figures from it to show the idea's viability. Sounds like fun.. :)

I have already formed a group of 3 and we have started the ideation process. The brainstorming sessions during this phase are interesting. Everyone trying to pool in and with the sort of support we have here at ISB, it makes you feel comfortable to venture out in to ideas which look weird otherwise.. :) Stalwarts being there to help and then with their guidance, we would end up with a business plan which would be presented to our peers and then evaluators. And if everyone finds it good enough and if we are really keen on making it our baby, we can hit the investors (VCs or Angels) as well. With all this happening, I am raring for the term break... Ah ah.. Its not because I would get a rest or something, but I would get time to work on this course without a class schedule to worry about or any assignments running down my spine.. :) Doing research and collating information should be a treat!!..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Term Break on Campus

As I promised, I am back with the details of the term break where in I didnt even touch the books.. :) Its different when you get up at the time you want and go laze in the dining hall doing a late breakfast, suddenly get up thinking you had some assignment to catch up on and then again realizing that this is a term break... :)


Movies Movies Movies... Watched GolMaal.. The security guy at the theatre suggested us this movie and I was looking around for him after I got out of the hall.. wanted to strangle him as he not only made us waste some precious money but also made us go through a torture for two and a half hours.. Looks like he pulled up a fast one on us, just like the characters in the movie.. Then came Superman Returns.. he did return but from where why how?.. no one knows.. neither do I... It was a tough ask to sit in an AC theatre for two and half hours at a stretch.. :) Now its going to be the desi superman's turn tonight.. yeah its KKrish.. :) lets see how this one goes.. :)


So this term break has been full of outings to the city.. have come to know more about Hyderabad roads.. :) Soon all this would come to an end with the term starting day after tomorrow.. most people would have even started doing pre reads for the first day of the term and here I am sitting and writing this blog.. catch ya later!!