Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Corporate Quiz ACE 2006

ASHA foundation in partnership with ISB is holding their annual Corporate Quiz ACE 2006. The important part:

Date: Sunday, July 30, 2006
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. *
Venue: Khemka Auditorium, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

For more details visit:

Mega event - the “Editors’ Round Table”

We, the students of the Indian School of Business, are organising a Mega event - the “Editors’ Round Table” being held on Saturday, July 1, 2006 at the ISB. The event will be held from 2:15 pm to 4:45 pm at the Khemka Auditorium at ISB.

The topic of discussion for the Round Table is:

Is the lack of political involvement amongst the youth a threat to economic growth?

We have invited interesting speakers for the Round Table and they are:
Alam Srinivas – Editor, Outlook Group
Kaveree Bamzai – Executive Editor, India Today
CRL Narasimhan - Associate Editor, The Hindu
Kumar Ketkar - Chief Editor, Indian Express Group
Niranjan Rajadhyaksha – Deputy Editor, Businessworld

In a world where professional preferences take precedence over political opinion, and political involvement is restricted to sporadic and half-hearted expressions of solidarity over individual issues - like the recent increase in reservation - the health of the Indian polity is seriously under threat. When political opinion can change the course of countries, it is disheartening to see the world's largest democracy lounge in political decadence; with the youth not doing much to change it. We hope to generate a healthy debate on this subject and sensitise the Indian youth to issues that have the power to influence our future. It will be a pleasure to have you participate in the interactive session during the Round Table.

We request you to share this invitation with your ex -colleagues and friends who are working in Hyderabad city and ask interested participants to register for the event at

Incase you do know the mail ID of the HR head of any organization (based in Hyd), request you to kindly add a comment to this post so that we could send a personal invite.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Term 2 starts with a bang..

... and is still banging me!!.. :)

Its already the second week in term 2 and I have just been able to key down some thoughts about it.... this should give a fair enough idea to you all about its packed schedule. The subjects are vast.. Competitive Strategy (CSTR), Global Economics (GLEC), Marketing Decision Making (MKDM) and Decision Modelling (DMOP). Every course is so deep that I am already drowning into the vast sea of knowledge not even able to soak in much of it.. ;)

It all started with an amazing tool.. MarkStrat... never knew that a year in an MBA course would get me back to computer strategy games like Business tycoon, Railroad tycoon, Patrician and the lots. Had I got time, I would have loved to spend hours on this game evaluating the strategy and possible ways to clinch the whole market for my firm.. ;) Those computer games used to give you the liberty of going wrong for a couple of times and you could reload it to play it the right way at your third attempt. But here the thought of winning it upfront sends jitters down my spine.. :)

Today marked a great feeling for me.. never felt so relieved at submitting an assignment.. so many things to do over the weekend that I never felt it was a "weekend".. :) We had to submit a one pager for a project we are doing in CSTR on Saturday, along with it we had to submit the first round for the Markstrat game, then was the first DMOP assignment for today and a 3-pager strategy statement for the Markstrat game for tomorrow early morning.

While there was hell of a rush at the library to collect the print jobs, I felt owning a printer here at ISB would definitely be a profitable business. I already own one but never thought of making a business out of it. Now with increasing assignment submissions, I feel that I should consider this option.. :) 12:00AM was the submission time for the DMOP assignment and I got 4 requests to print 15 page documents at 1130PM and it included my own assignment as well.. I felt a sudden rush of urgency and my mind went blank.. moreover I was yet to complete my own assignment as well.. :) the feeling I had then and the feeling I got just after dropping the assignment in the drop box dot at 12:00AM, were at two different ends of the emotional cycle.. ;)

Coming back to my quad, I coolly printed the Strategy Statement for Markstart that me and my group had prepared and walked down again to the Academic Center to drop it. Now I am FINALLY back in my quad and writing this amazingly different experience of mine at ISB of submitting an assignment just IN time.. :) The rush, the emotion, the confusion, the frustration, all added up, are a part of this thrilling and entertaining experience at ISB.. :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

12.5% MBA

End term exams marked the end of term 1. Now please dont comment this blog asking how the exams were.. once the results are out I would post them as well and you can very well figure out how I fared.. :) On a serious note, it was a different experience altogether to have two exams a day for two consecutive days. After the exams got over, everyone felt as if they had completed their whole one year course in 5 weeks and were ready for a long break.. but soon reality dawned and we figured out that we just had 5 days break which is supposed to be one of the longest ones in this whole one year course.. :) Term 2 course packs were distributed to make you further realize that there is still lot more to come.. and the size of the course packs literally emanated that aura.. :)

With all this explicitly happening around us, everyone still managed to steal themselves away from studies and went ahead with their term break plans. I was heading for Bbay to be with my parents and meet my dearest niece who is now just over a year with all those tantrums starting to shoot up. I sometimes envy her with all the attention she gets even when she is not doing anything constructive like me... I mean doing an MBA is constructive for the whole world.. dont you think so? Once I am 100% MBA, I will definitely be doing something constructive for the society.. will I not? Why do I feel that I am not able to convince you all??.. :D

All said and done... I am 12.5% MBA now and heading towards becoming 25% MBA in another 5 weeks.. :) More to come.. :)

Voila... its Cricket again!!

How much I love playing this sport?? I dont have words to explain it.. :) Just before coming to ISB, I was almost ready to convince my mind that I would have to leave playing this sport for a year. But over a period of time here, I figured out that I could still continue playing this sport I am so passionate about. Me and Srikant made it point to go to every practice session happening, proved out mettle and ended up in the ISB cricket team to represent ISB in corporate tournaments.

Currently ISB is participating in the SBH Corporate Cricket Cup and we already had a couple of games done during the league stage. We won the first match against Megasoft pretty convincingly. Srikant, our wicketkeeper cum reporter, wrote an article on the same sending it to the whole batch and faculty. Attached is the first match report.

We lost the second match to last year's finalists and this year's organizers, State Bank of Hyderabad, by a close margin. But this match was eventful with (coincidently) me and Srikant both getting injured. Srikant ended up with 3 stiches under his right cheek bone and I ended up with a sore brusied back and a couple of days complete bed rest. Moreover with end term exams with in a couple of days, what we got to hear from everyone was "Why the hell did you guys want to even play a cricket match so close to your exams?". Its altogether a different story that after the exams everyone said "Good that at least you guys enjoyed playing a cricket match. There was no point studying anyways..".. :D

Now with Srikant and myself having given our blood and back for a lost match, we at least expect to win the term 1 end term exams. Results awaited!!.. :)