Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am "colored"!!

Now the title may make you feel I am a racist, but I am not!! :) Its an after-effect of watching Rang De Basanti. I saw it yesterday night and have already had 5 glasses of lime water. Why??? I am still trying to get over with the hangover it has left on me.. :) Have you watched it? No? Then you better do. Its people like us who are the pillars of a new tomorrow. I dont know how much I will be able to contribute to it. I dont want to sound like a politician.. ;) So its better I try and then tell people.. :) Not within a day or a month or a year, but surely in some more years I would make sure my existence proves worthy, though not in a way Aamir did in the movie... :)

Dont want to tell more or else I would be narrating the whole story here.. :) So would end this blog with another of those bywords: "Practice before you preach".. :)

Blogs Blogs and more Blogs

Now you might wonder whats the big deal with this weird title.. :) Hmm let me explain. One Babu Moshai initiated a discussion on blogs on our very own famous ISB groups and everyone started sharing their own blogs. Ufff.. I hope that was not confusing.. :) If yes, I cant help it. I dont think I am going to go back and delete it. :)

Unfortunately, few people now know I write some stupid blogs, so I think they have the right (do they?) to know why I do so. When you have the passion to "type", to be humorous and if you have enough written skills, I think you can write blogs to either make other people laugh or may be to vent out your own frustration. Thats my reason to write blogs. Not that I write many but yes I do write a few. Does that reason sound stupid? Hmmm.. heard from many that it is stupid.. :) But the main thing is "DO I CARE?"... Naaaaaaaa.. :)

Enough of balderdash; coming to the main activity of my life these days. Keep logged on to Yahoo Mail!. You ask "Why?".

ANS: ISB can send an admit mail anytime mannn.. :)

As I mentioned to Sabya, so many people have been wishing for me to get into ISB that I dont think ISB will be able to do without me "this" time (yeahhh the word "this" is important. People who know I am a reapplicant can know that well..:)..). Also so many people think that I will be able to convert the waitlist. That has somehow made me confident and also made me stall my back up plans for some time. I hope I have to keep them stalled.. :)

People say "Patience is the key to success.", so I am patiently waiting for success!!.. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Iron Man!! Thats what I could call this guy. Dr Bala V Balachandran. I had just heard that he was one of the founders for ISB but never tried to look beyond that image. Read his interview on Pagalguy and mannn was I zonked!!??.. Yes I was. Dreams!! Its all about dreams, how you realize it, how much pains you take to make it true. Going beyond a certain humane limit to
achieve your goal in life is something I would want to take home after reading this interview. GLIM - Great Lakes Institute of Management. This is a baby that Dr. Bala is nurturing right now. After 32 years of teaching experience at one of the IVY league schools in the US (Kelloggs), after setting up the flagship programme in MDI, after helping in co-finding ISB, this is his own dream he is realizing right now. Getting world class faculty to come there and teach for FREE (as of now)?? I mean thats something beyond my imagination. That shows the kind of credibility Dr. Bala shares in the business world. How do you think it would feel to be taught by Nobel Prize winners? Yes thats the kind of faculty Dr. Bala is trying to get to GLIM (has already got one during its first year).Its not GLIM that has got me awestruck but its the larger than life image of Dr. Bala. The kind of money he might be splurging to get GLIM to his dream level is something that baffles me. The kind of dedication that he is showing to make it a world class B-school is something that amazes me. The kind of image he has established (rather earned) for himself in the business fraternity is something that flummoxes me. Its just an amazingly inspiring effort
from Dr. Bala to get India on to the business map of the world.

If I am able to somehow even make a contribution to my beloved country which is equivalent to even 10% of what Dr. Bala has done (and is doing), I would consider myself GREAT!!.. :)


Back after a long break!!.. :)

Waitlist .. This is what I had been told by ISB. Fine with me, if they say so, but my heart still goes out to ISB. Fortunately have not been given any number, or else it would have looked like a train ticket to me...:) I am not exactly able to figure out what ISB is looking for. May be diversity is the reason I have been waitlisted. IT IT IT ... its not the pronoun "it" but its "Information Technology" I am talking about. It looked all so rosy when I had joined this industry but
when I figured out that I rather like to use the right side of my brain, its become frustrating. But sooner or later, I will get a chance to be more analytical, more managerial, more friendly .. friendly in the sense, meeting more and more talented people, as I believe in EEP i.e. Experiential Exchange Program. A new course I have designed.. :)

ISB while looking at diversity, may have got flawed somewhere for sure, which I dont think is a crime. Have seen people from IT with a profile almost similar to mine get through. Then I start thinking "May be it was my interview" but even that does not make sense, as it was one of the best interviews I have ever given in my life. With a satisfied panel, it was a satisfied me. Anyways, I would get into ISB to find out whether its them or its me.. I am talking about being "flawed" here!!.. :)
Thats its from me for now!! Will come back soon with another one of mine... I mean a blog!!... :)