Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Term 3 Ends!!

I thought life in Bombay was fast but now after 3 terms at ISB, there is no denying that time and life does not fly faster than this. It seems as if it was just a week back when I was still trying to fathom where I am and how I reached here.

The orientation week where we had the alums telling us all about it, their experience, the section wars and the batch strength. They had all events lined up for preparing us for the months ahead. Then came the terms, one by one and now after 3 terms, I think I have gained something.. not just in terms of knowledge but also in terms of life long friends.. a good network of people... Wait a bit.. what the heck? Am I behaving like my stint at ISB is over? Naa... not at all.. 5 more terms to go.. reality strikes and this time it struck a bit too soon.. :( :) : ...

Tonight is going to be a party night... Tomorrow morning on a flight to Bombay... Tomorrow afternoon, I will meet my dearest bhanji after over 3 months.. Saturday morning, I would miss the cricket match that would be played by ISB in the corporate cup.... Sunday morning I would back, and ready to play for the next match of the same tourney that afternoon.. Sunday evening, will sulk thinking that term 4 is going to start... :)

Anyways.. thats how life is at ISB.. fun with spice.. ;) Catch ya all during the term break with the details of the same.. :) Adios Amigos..:)


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