Friday, September 08, 2006

Term 4.....

With Term 4 at our doorstep after the term break, every one was pretty cool about studies. By now every one had got the hang of their life at ISB and knew how to tackle it with help of the "strategy" course already completed in Term 2.. ;)

Now with one week into the Term 4, it looks as if people are still in the term break mood. No assignment has been given to us till now for this term, which has never been the case for the previous 3 terms. Every one is enjoying this moment but I somehow have this feeling that its just the lull before the storm.. :( I also hope that I am wrong.. :)

To tell you all more about Term 4, we have 4 courses as usual and they go as follows:

1) Management of Organizations: A completely qualitative subject with official "paper plane flying" exercise happening in our 2nd class. We have never had any thing of that sort before and it was fun.. :) The name of the subject tells you what its all about.
2) Investment Analysis: Whatever was left over by Corporate Finance in Term 3 is going to scare us in Term 4.. :) It has started off pretty smoothly with the same concepts being revised again to create a base but have heard from sources that its uphill from here on. :(
3) Strategic Analysis of Information Technology: This subject deals with the much-accepted or rather assumed fact that implementing IT in every organization helps.. so we will find if this works for all or not.
4) Government, Society and Business: The name sounds pretty wierd ... right? How the hell this course would help us after an MBA? That was the exact question I had in mind but with a couple of lectures down my belt, I understand how the regulatory policies of countries and governments changes the rules of the game in a business. And its going to fine tune as the term proceeds. :)

Thats what we have for this term and lets see how and where it goes for when we can call ourselves 50% MBAs.. :)


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