Monday, February 13, 2006

Directing the young blood!!

Did you ever feel confused early in your academics? What am I suited for? Should I go for Science, Commerce or Arts? If one of these, then why? Where will it lead me?

If these questions never came to you, I would say you were a prodigy. I was a mere mortal and had to face these questions. Fortunately I landed in a place which has brought me to a juncture now, where I would never feel I should have taken the other road then. But as far as my understanding goes, I feel the current generation is no different and would definitely be feeling the heat on deciding the best career path.

I came across a friend on ISB yahoo groups who has pulled up an initiative of helping such young blood. I feel its really important to help these amateurs realize their forte and direct them in a such a way that they can put their strengths to use. Its far better to be well informed at least (if not decisive), rather than confused. is a site I have witnessed which helps students who are still young and perplexed on which career path to choose. Answering questions from students, trying to suggest the best career suited for them is something really valuable to the society. That way we should be able to build the next generation ourselves. We, the so-call experienced folks, would find these questions easier (relatively) to answer. So why not help them?

So here I go again plunging into the unknown (for the students) waters. I hope I am able to shape the path for a few!!
Signing off!! Of course, its just for now!!.. :)


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