Thursday, February 16, 2006

Am I doing good?

I am doing... hmmmm.... not so good... frustrated with the kinda work I am doing here... sitting on this shabby chair... hatching eggs... just delegating stuff.. not at all interested in whatever I am doing. Moreover I am in a project which has a huge strength in terms of members... 100 to be precise... and fortunately or unfortunately I am one of the initial members of the team, when the team was small.. 15 odd members then. The newer members who have spent a couple of months laugh at me when they come to know I have been with this project for over 2 years now.. :D So you can imagine the kind of project I am working on.. :) It has given me loads, in terms of promotions, perks, hikes... but still now the disatisfaction in terms of work has started to creep in... cant help it.. now marketing my project to new team members has become an uphill task. The reasons are umpteen for my dissatisfaction but would not want to state it here. :)

With all this said, I hope you have already figured out that I have not yet received a call from ISB.. am still waiting for it with open arms (may be legs too..:)..).
Now about an advice to the ISB R1 waitlisted souls, what can I say? I indulge in sports as much as I can. It has always been my first love in life so thats the only thing thats helping me keep my senses together these days. :)
Anyways.. the d-day should not be far off. Some admits have rejected offers and might have paved a path for us (waitlists).. :)
Keep the hopes alive.. me trying to do the same!! CIAO!!


Blogger Manik said...

Big Bro,

Along with sports.... also, app at other places !

You were gonna app to NUS and NTU...kya hua bhai ?


5:17 AM  

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