Monday, June 12, 2006

Voila... its Cricket again!!

How much I love playing this sport?? I dont have words to explain it.. :) Just before coming to ISB, I was almost ready to convince my mind that I would have to leave playing this sport for a year. But over a period of time here, I figured out that I could still continue playing this sport I am so passionate about. Me and Srikant made it point to go to every practice session happening, proved out mettle and ended up in the ISB cricket team to represent ISB in corporate tournaments.

Currently ISB is participating in the SBH Corporate Cricket Cup and we already had a couple of games done during the league stage. We won the first match against Megasoft pretty convincingly. Srikant, our wicketkeeper cum reporter, wrote an article on the same sending it to the whole batch and faculty. Attached is the first match report.

We lost the second match to last year's finalists and this year's organizers, State Bank of Hyderabad, by a close margin. But this match was eventful with (coincidently) me and Srikant both getting injured. Srikant ended up with 3 stiches under his right cheek bone and I ended up with a sore brusied back and a couple of days complete bed rest. Moreover with end term exams with in a couple of days, what we got to hear from everyone was "Why the hell did you guys want to even play a cricket match so close to your exams?". Its altogether a different story that after the exams everyone said "Good that at least you guys enjoyed playing a cricket match. There was no point studying anyways..".. :D

Now with Srikant and myself having given our blood and back for a lost match, we at least expect to win the term 1 end term exams. Results awaited!!.. :)


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