Monday, June 12, 2006

12.5% MBA

End term exams marked the end of term 1. Now please dont comment this blog asking how the exams were.. once the results are out I would post them as well and you can very well figure out how I fared.. :) On a serious note, it was a different experience altogether to have two exams a day for two consecutive days. After the exams got over, everyone felt as if they had completed their whole one year course in 5 weeks and were ready for a long break.. but soon reality dawned and we figured out that we just had 5 days break which is supposed to be one of the longest ones in this whole one year course.. :) Term 2 course packs were distributed to make you further realize that there is still lot more to come.. and the size of the course packs literally emanated that aura.. :)

With all this explicitly happening around us, everyone still managed to steal themselves away from studies and went ahead with their term break plans. I was heading for Bbay to be with my parents and meet my dearest niece who is now just over a year with all those tantrums starting to shoot up. I sometimes envy her with all the attention she gets even when she is not doing anything constructive like me... I mean doing an MBA is constructive for the whole world.. dont you think so? Once I am 100% MBA, I will definitely be doing something constructive for the society.. will I not? Why do I feel that I am not able to convince you all??.. :D

All said and done... I am 12.5% MBA now and heading towards becoming 25% MBA in another 5 weeks.. :) More to come.. :)


Blogger Amar said...

How did you exams go? :D

9:37 PM  
Blogger Amar said...

I mean youR exams!

9:38 PM  
Blogger Mangesh said...

Apun tera 25% honey key baad undey wala tak tereko khush karney key liye hazzar tripa ka photos bhejney wala hai :P

7:35 AM  
Blogger Mahesh Shenoy said...

screwed up royally in each one of them.. didnt expect it to happen as after the exams I was assuming myself to be in the top 25% but ended up in the bottom 25%... :) anyways.. lets see what term 2 has in store.. :)

8:09 AM  

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