Wednesday, October 18, 2006

50% MBA

Here comes the traditional post that appears on this blog after every term. Though its a bit late but yeah its the content that matters.. :)

Term 4, technically got over today with our last postponed exam in the morning. As far as the classes go, we could have safely assumed it to have been over by 6th Oct itself but because of an unfortunate or fortunate incident one of our term 4 end term exams trickled into term 5. All said and done, we can now call ourselves at par with those folks who have completed a year in other 2-year MBA BSchools... yes.. we are 50% MBAs.. :)

Term break started off a lot hectic than the actual term itself. Every soul on campus had stayed back for the first couple of days to innovate.. now you might ask what was that? Influenced by ISB last years success at the Innovation Challenge, we had over 30 teams participating from ISB itself this year. And everyone had the pressure of performing well this year as they expected to be at par with the last batch, if not better.. :)

Now after the term break is over, and this being the first of the elective terms, it was tension all around with some people able to get the courses they had bid for and some people still fighting for it.. :) Though eventually everyone has got what they wanted.

With now placements in the near future, it adds even more pressure to our schedules with the normal assignments and the works still being there to keep us busy. So lets see how easily I am able to keep you all updated on the happenings.. :)


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