Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is just the beginning!!

People getting dissatisfied, everyone either talking about joining a better job or moving ahead with further studies or just leaving the company. Is this spelling a bad omen? Yes , it definitely is. Everyone waits for this one whole year to just see how they have fared when compared to their peers and what do they get to see? That some other shithead has cracked it. How and why? No one knows... so what do you do? Just keep your mouth shut and vent it out somewhere else... may be some place like a blog... :) Whats the point in mentioning this to someone? Everyone is just going to lend you a ear but what happens after that? Zilch!!! It just goes down the drain.

A classic example!! One guy who has got admits from top class US universities. He goes to his top most manager (5 levels above him) and mentions that his aspirations are not being cared for. But along with this, fortunately or unfortunately, he mentions that he has admits from ivy league universities in the US. Bang comes the reply (not the exact words): "What are you waiting for? It would be really tough to get your aspirations realized here. Leave the company and go for further studies." This may have been a friendly advice but this somehow makes me feel that the higher management is a bit dicy on fulfilling the aspirations of the young blood.

A year back, I was the one who used to tell every dissatisfied soul around that this is the best place you would get to work for. And they used to tell me, one day will come when you will be on this side of the river with us. But I dont think I am even reaching the banks, may be will drown on the way... :)


Blogger Manik said...

welcome to blogosphere !

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Blogger Creative-nits said...

looking forward to a nice piece on the netry to ISB

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