Saturday, May 06, 2006

Assignments and Weekends - Hand in Hand!!

This seems to be the mantra of the first weekend after the core term has started!! Thursday was the last day when we had our classes for the last week.. everyone was aware of the load that was supposed to be taken care of over the weekend. But all said and done, everyone gate crashed as a bunch of crazy morons left unattended... almost the whole batch was unleashed into every part of the city to chill out. That is the kind of response you get when corporate people start attending classes after such a long stint with their functions in their industries.. :)

What happens next? I mean after the memorable Thursday evening??... You get goose bumps thinking about the assignments lined up for rest of the weekend.. :) Friday morning.. you dont see a soul roaming around in the campus.. you start wondering??.. "Where is everyone? Still in bed?" ... but later gator you find out that someone is either in the LRC fishing for books to complete the assignment... or someone has shut him/herself in their quads while pouring over the cases.. and thats when I realized that the BUG has caught up!!.. :) Its fun to see people around scratching their heads thinking where have I gone wrong on this problem.. and with honour code zooming past their ears all the time, no one even dares to ask assignment related questions outside their core study group.. :) You would not hear people asking questions - "Hey whats the answer to problem number ##?"... rather the questions would be like - "Man... did you finish that darned assignment?"... And if "Yes" comes the reply, then you witness an expression which makes you feel as if the world has fallen apart for that person.. :)

Fortunately for me, my core group, which includes, Anshul, Murali, Sreeja, Sonali and Rahul, are dedicated enough (unlike me??!!).. and agreed to have Sunday almost free, before we plunge into the world of Stats, Eco.. SEEKHO!!! on Monday. We finished discussing the cases and problems by Saturday night... and pssst!! do you want to know a surprise?.. WE ARRIVED AT A CONSENSUS!!.. :) That's what is team work all about.. getting to a consensus instead of being strong headed. Anyways, philosophy does not sound good, especially when it comes from me.. ;)

Now with the whole of Sunday looming large over me, I am wondering what to do... loads of interesting options you see... Stats self study, Eco problem practice, Accounting fundaes, Marketing myself. But I think I will go ahead with an uninteresting end to the weekend... READ A FICTION, GET INTO MY PLUSH BED, SLEEP AND DREAM ABOUT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL HANGING AROUND WITH ME IN THE CAMPUS! Hmmm.. the last part seems to be a bit unrealistic, so I better keep it to my dreams.. ;) If a lightning strucks or a genie comes by with a wish, you might see my next blog realizing that dream.. ;) Catch ya with more details next week.. :)


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