Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DOs and DONTs...

... for an ISB re-applicant or an ISB IT applicant!!

  1. Be over confident
  2. Write off your essays in a jiffy.
  3. Argue with the interview panel.
  1. Have back up plans (MOST IMPORTANT). Even if you are hell bent on getting itno ISB, do make sure you dont loose a year if fortune does not favor you.
  2. Spend time on getting your essays reviewed
  3. Apply early
If you are from IT, make sure you have something different in your profile. International exposure is almost a must. I was a model earlier in my life. Also I worked for American Red Cross when in the US and got a normal recommendation letter from them. Played US California county cricket and bagged some awards. What different can you do?

There are a lot of things:
1) Submit some papers, if you are capable.
2) Excel in your current work environment and get some visible difference on paper for your profile
3) Develop some initiatives at your work place

There are lot many other things which you can take up to have a different profile. You would be the best person to find out what you are capable of. :)

As a re-applicant, you definitely need to have considerable improvement in your profile over a year. If you have not shown any change in your profile and have just added one more year of work experience, believe me, it wont work.


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