Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hectic Hectic!!

March 21st, this was the day I received a dream offer.. Naa... with all those placement news floating around, dont start thinking this to be a job offer. :) ISB had offered me admission to their PGP course which is to commence on 15th April 2006. Now with excitement all around what was expected of me? I needed to accept the offer, apply for a loan, resign from my current job etc. etc. Leave apart all the hassles of shopping, closing bank account, changing addresses and all that crap!! So how do we expect a guy to find time to write a blog??.. :D

Also with the kind of change I was about to have in my life, I was expected to party out at least a couple of times.. right? So 21st March evening saw me with my close friends "rauking" to some "rauk" mujic and drinking some "child" beer!! Then I had some friends join me for a party at the "phamous" hookka joint in Pune... "Bashos". Even God would not know why the owner ever thought of naming his eating joint after some obsolete Chinese poet no one (I hope so) as ever heard of. Anyways, nonetheless we had a good time with some "peggas" of "Bodka" and "Bhisky"!! Now with all this happening in Pune, why should we quarantine Mumbai, my dearest hometown.. my first love.. my blah blah blah.. :) I ended up partying again in Mumbai. Amongst all this partying, fortunately I did remember that I had a lot of things to be done before I end up spending, presumably, the busiest year of my life at ISB.

I had expected that bidding adieu to my beloved organization would be tough... my last 4 years at this place have been eventful and fruitful.. for me.. I dont know if it was the same for the organization.. ;) Must have been.. what do ya think? :D But not surprisingly, I walked out of the gate as an "ex-XXXX" without any guilt!!.. :) But mann they did make me work the most on my last day.. making me run around for so many chores.. even my mom has never made me do so much of running around when I used to irritate her.. :). At last, on 4th April 2006, I ended up completing all "official" formalities and handed over my ICard to the facilities department, may be they would need it for hanging someone else.. ;). Now I am running through the personal checklist and I end up adding one new item to the checklist everytime I see it. Miraculously, I have not seen any item being struck out till now.. :) I wonder how can that be??.. Ok.. Ok... I will finish those off, please dont ride on me for it... I think this will be the only few days of freedom I am going to enjoy, with no one pushing me left and right and front and back and up and down.. so let me take care of it at my own pace.. ;) More blogs to follow!!.. Ciao!!


Blogger Adarsh Krishna said...

What’s your area of specialization and GMAT Score?

-- Aspirant

11:56 PM  
Blogger Creative-nits said...


tune mujhe chhodke party karke acchha nahin kiya...! Mein jald hi milunga tujhse....

-Gabbar, supposed-to-be-an-R1-2006-applicant

12:27 AM  
Blogger Mahesh Shenoy said...

Hey Adarsh.. didnt know where to reply to this questin... Area of specialization during my engineering was ECE and GMAT score is 710. Which area of specialization were you asking me about?

12:27 AM  

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