Thursday, March 23, 2006

Was I Tense or Psyched??

"You look a bit relieved after you got an ISB admit" - This is what I heard from many people. They felt I was a bit pscyhed out off late. Hmmm.. was I really looking that bad??.. :) I was not psyched out or anything but busy speculating my own future. Past 4 years I have spent in a field just because its gives me money. I have never taken up IT related subjects in my life as I hated it from the bottom of my heart. Insptie of being qualified enough to get any stream after HSC, I didnt go for a BE in CS.

Stories apart, below are some questions asked to me by people and I have tried to answer them in a way to help all who might read this blog!!.. :)

Q: What is ISB looking for in the interview? Your experience of the interview?
Ans: They evaluate your complete profile in the interview. They verify all the special things you have mentioned in the application with diffferent questions. A thoroughly professional interview unless you make it unprofessional.. :) If you have written your essays really well and have brought out real life incidents there, they might be interested in asking you questions related to that. They judge your confidence, judge your cerdibility, judge whether you really aspire to make it big. After all this, they find out if they are suitable for you. They would want to make sure they find a right job for you. So if they neglect you, that may be mean two things. One, that you were not suitable for them. Second, they were not suitable for you. If they are apprehensive about placing you well, they wont take you in. It wont be justified.

My interview experience is posted (Aha!!.. ISB Interview experience!!) on this very blog.

Q: What kind of information are they exactly looking for in the essays that we have to submit with our application?
Ans: Essays will be out in a couple of months time for the next batch. Even if you are not going to apply next year, still you can register and start the online application (this doesnt require money). That way you will be able to look at the essay questions. Get a habit of writing frequently. In your essays (for any bschool), make sure you are creative and narrative but professional. If you mention that sense of humor is your strength, make sure it comes out in your essays. Similarly about your other strengths. Bring it out in your essays. Dont target the admission committee of a particular bschool in any of your essays. Make it generic as if you are addressing a crowd with that topic.

Q: Why did you prefer ISB over other B-Schools which provide 1 year MBA?
Ans: If you want to settle in India, if you want to finish your MBA soon and save a year of earnings, if you want to continue in the stream you are currently into, if you want to avail world class infrastructure and faculty, ISB is the place.

Q: Did you look at other B-schools apart from ISB? If yes then which were those ?
Ans: I didnt. That was the biggest mistake. Make sure you have different school options at your disposal. Its always good to have options. I would suggest, prepare well for CAT as well and approach IIMs also. Select good US Bschools and go for them as well. You can reject their offer if they dont give you a scholarship. If you are well off and can sponsor your education, then nothing like it.

Q: What kind of salary can a person expect after successfully completing the one year ISB course?
Ans: Depends on your profile. Depends on how you perform there. Depends on how proactive you are in your involvement with ISB over that one year. The average domestic salary at ISB roams somewhere around Rs. 9Lacs.

Q: Considering my current job profile (IT: 2 years), what kind of job profile can I look for after ISB and how will ISB help me in achieving that?
Ans: Depends on you, what stream you want to get into. ISB will provide you the tools to bag offers you want. Its upto you how you convert them. If you want to continue in IT services, keeping in mind your current position in another year, you might end up with a Project Manager or a Senior Project Manager job.

Hope these answers help all!!.. :)


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