Wednesday, May 10, 2006

COFFEE -- Addicted!!

SLEEP... what does this word mean? The dictionary meaning says: "A natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended." I am not an English laureate, so I wont be able to refute this meaning and going by my experience, my brain tells me to completely abide by it.. :) Sleep has become an important word in my life at ISB. You will definitely hear these two phrases here:

1) "I was not able to get enough SLEEP yesterday night!!"
2) "I was so very sleepy in class!!"

Now how does this sleep thingy talk about the title of this post? This directly relates to the second most common phrase that you would get to hear on campus.. :) Morning class induces sleep, especially when the stuff being taught rockets past you at a speed you cant even fathom.. :) Moreover, when you try to evaluate what was being discussed just now, you end up spending at least 5 minutes on it and what happens in the meantime? The prof has discussed some more topics which you completely missed when you were vagabonding in the world of some doubts which propped up earlier.... :) Now what has happened with all this? You are completely OUT of sync with respect to rest of class.. yeah... there will be a few other elite people who involuntarily joined you in this feat.. which you figure out later when you get out of the class.. :) This leads to something which is called SLEEP syndrome i.e. Out of sync system induces sleep in itself.. :)

Today itself I experienced the same when I was trying to put in a lot of effort to understand what was being taught and people sitting by my side in the class joined the elite club!!.. :) Fortunately I was addicted to coffee after habituating myself to carry a flask to class filled with the "serum".. I was able to stay awake... :) May be thats the reason Americans are so very addicted to Coffee...?? Now if we extrapolate this information, may be thats the reason they have propelled themselves to a place which they command right now? May be they are able to stay awake most of the time working for the country, which in turn is affecting their economy??... Looks like coffee addiction has caught up with India.. which indirectly is positively affecting its booming economy.. :)

You might have already figured out that the initial days at ISB has taken some toll on me and has lead me to make such weird conclusions... :) Came to know one more side effects of coffee addiction: You loose your brain cells and start thinking abnormally.. you thoughts ramble exactly the way the gist of this post has.. :)

Just kidding.. all said and done.. its fun getting adjusted to this "study" life with all this "study" pressures.. Next week, we have our first ever mid-term exams at ISB.. and everyone is gearing up for it.. so rather than continuing with this post.. I think I should sit and study.. :) Catch ya all soon!!.. :) With another of those weird posts.. ;)


Blogger Bon said...

Ya Mahesh, you are right. Its become absolutely difficult to concentrate on all things said in class. But I have a small workaround: I just listen. I Dont think, dont evaluate. Just listen. But believe me, there is always a temptation to evaluate or try to unerstand what is being said. If you can fight over the temptation then I think life should be easier. This also requires a belief that whatever the prof says is correct and true !!

8:51 PM  
Blogger Creative-nits said...

cant u ask for audio files of prof lecture :)?

1:17 PM  

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