Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Egg jams

This is the normal breakfast I have every morning here at the "Goel" Dining Hall.. ?? Naa... Its the new fever running around on campus. Exams approaches... everyone involved reproaches.. :) Questions like.. "Why do we need exams in an MBA program..?? Isnt it all about networking, cross industry knowledge sharing etc etc.??" pops up in everyones mind. "Everyone" here does not include the janta who are a part of the "Maggu Club" who are ready for any academic exam anytime in their life.. ;) Just kidding.. :)

Most of the students here have been into the habit of enjoying a months preparation leave for the exams and at ISB, but when you come to know that everyone is in the same boat attending lectures till the day before exams, its FUN.. :) The schedule as of now goes like this:Breakfast.. Attend lectures.. Lunch.. Catch a wink.. Study... Break.. Study.. Dinner.. Study... Study Study STUDY!!!.. :) And the vicious cycle continues..

With all this said, I am sure about a couple of things which is bound to happen to me over the coming one year. I would have acquired skills on how to brush my teeth, complete the morning ritual, take a bath, shave, dress up and run for breakfast in 15 minutes flat.. :) If you talk about it in formal terms, its called Time Management skills.. :) I would be able to appreciate the value of time for sure.. :) Along with this skill, I would also be well equipped on how to present something in a way that seems convincing to others, even when you know that its actually BS.. :) Both the skills are a must for a manager.. and I am pretty sure I will be one after "post" graduating from this place.. :)

Ok.. time to get back to my study... next blog would be about my first experience with my first exams at my first stint at ISB.. :) I may have a second stint at ISB, WHO KNOWS??.. :)


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All the Best for your exams dude...

11:02 PM  

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