Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eggs crack ...

... and brain "jams" do happen just like traffic jams. This is what happens when you start using your brain a bit too much after it has been rusty for a very long time. Thats what I realised on Friday when our first ever academic exams at ISB got over. I was a completely different experience to see a huge crowd in the atrium ( at that moment. For the first time I saw almost the whole batch at an open place (sessions in the auditorium are common place now). Some tense faces, some people moving ahead after realising the truth, some ecstatic ones with a feeling that you get after finding out that you are one of the few who almost cracked the paper... :)

I loved the feeling after the exams, just like the one we used to have after our engineering semester exams. But the difference was that you had more studies following immediately after this exam.. :) But who would stop us from taking a days break. Saturday was a fun day.. We had an unofficial cricket match with Microsoft guys working opposite the ISB campus (obviously in the Microsoft campus). It was after a long time that I played a leather ball match on a ground with marked boundaries and with all players in cricketing whites. Nevertheless we lost the match but not because of having a bad team but because of bad planning and coordination... which was bound to happen as we were playing together for the first time as a team. One of my closest friends, Srikant, outperformed in my team with excellent display of some really good technical batting.. and some excellent wicketkeeping as well. I was as usual able to terrify the batsmen with my bowling (speedometer crusher as I have been named.. ;) )... still need to figure out how I end up wicketless after every match.. but its fine till the time I am the most economical bowler.. :)

Afternoon, I had a small power nap of 2 hrs.. ;) and then evening we had inter-section football tourney.. here again our section (Section B) guys had never played as a team and were lacking coordination, which is most important when it comes to football. We drew the first match against Section C, when we were actually winning the match 4-2. In the last few minutes we conceded 2 more goals and the match ended up in a draw.. :( We then played the strongest team amongst all sections, Section E. Mann.... think about coordination and class, you would see it oozing out when you see these guys play.. :) We lost to them 7-2.. But the star of Section B was again Srikant with some cool goal-keeping.. looks like the ball had some sort of attraction towards him and it ended up in his hands most of times when the opponents tried to score a goal. After a tiring Saturday, Sunday was bound to be tough.. with all assignments piled up.. :(

I just have managed to wrap up some of them and that was an incentive for me to pen down the happenings.. :) Will tomorrow be a new day... ?? I hope it is.. but have a strong feeling that its going to continue the same way... FUN blended with STUDIES!! Thats what ISB is all about. :)


Blogger priyank said...

mahesh bhai...koi nahin... may b someday u will have a devastating spell....

and apne marks ka update de dena...
n bansi ke adit ke baad public mein enthu aa gaya hai GMAT ki prep ke liye :)..

take care (i feel u r fighting at ISB)

1:13 PM  

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