Wednesday, October 18, 2006

High Pressure ZONE!!

Mails have started flowing in.. about what? About the job offerings that will be coming to ISB later this year. Everyone around is excited, tensed, happy to see these mails. Its weird.. this is what was the reason almost everyone had come to ISB for.. so we should be prepared to take it head on.. right? But still I dont see myself falling in that category... why? Hmm.. thats because there is a lot depending on the result of this one thing.. :)

Interview preparation groups are pepped up.. professional clubs have geared themselves up in conducting interview preparation workshops and sessions.. it all feels so different suddenly.. the focus has started shifting from grades to jobs... quite naturally. We have already spent 6 months on campus.. 4 terms.. doesnt feel so.. another 3 terms and positively everyone will have at least one offer on hand... then one more term and we are done.. with everyone walking in directions they seem fit for their future... :)

The scene looks really positive for placements, not just because of the mails, but also because of the market condition.. jobs are there up for grabs... its just a matter of you proving yourself worthy of it. Best of luck to all.. and news will flow in as the proceedings go.. :)


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