Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Marketing Stunner!!

Once the mid term was over, we had three subjects out of four for which the faculty changed. Marketing Management was one of those courses and the faculty we were expecting was Prof. Raju from Wharton. We had heard a lot about him from the alums... more than about his teaching skills and research ability, it was his cold calling which was talked about. Everyone was speculating as to what kind of treatment would one get if he or she does not know the answers, rather is dumbfounded on being cold called.. :) Our section is the first one to face the brunt of marketing every week, which meant every other section would be running after us asking about the experience of cold calling.

When Prof. Raju started off with his class, everyone was ready to duck under the desk. He started off with review questions from the material taught before the mid term. The situatin is somewhat like this:

The projector focuses exactly on the center of the white screen and the heading of the slide reads "Review of the last class". Everyone is the class is now all set for a bombbarding. There is just one guy, Mr. Vibhav Agarwal, who is reclining on his chair, least worried about being picked. Next scene, a question slides from the left side of the screen on to the center. Zoom comes a photograph of the person who is supposed to answer the question. Everyone shifts their focus from the screen to Mr. Vibhav. He is still not ready for it and still enjoying the reclining chair, when suddenly he figures that it was his photograph being flashed on the screen.. :) Now comes the million $$ expression and a million $$ comment from the professor. Vibhav looks as if he is suddenly pushed by the chair on to his desk, waking him up... and pop comes a comment from Prof. Raju: "So rahe the kya?".. The expression on Vibhav's face then was the toughest one to explain... noone could figure out whether it was because of the question asked on the screen or because of the comment passed by Prof. Raju.. :) He blurted out a couple of statements which further proved that he was zonked to the hilt. He became the talk of the week.. :)

But there on, everyone got ready for getting famous in every marketing class, which ended being beneficial as everyone ended up scrapping through the previous marketing class.. :)

PS: This blog could have come earlier as this happened more than a week back but today's is Vibhav's birthday and what better than today to publicize his feat.. :)


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Boley tou jab tera turn ayega tabhi ka experience batana! Apun ko sunaney mey badi khushi hogi :D-->Mangesh

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